Monday, February 16, 2009

The First Interview

So, remember that faculty position I talked about lo those few weeks ago? Just when I was starting to despair that it was all coming to naught, I got an email that I was on the short list and if I was still interested they wanted to set up a phone interview.

After I settled down from my happy dance, I promptly replied "Yes yes yes!" And a few hours ago I locked myself in Prince Charming's home office, prayed that the two princesses wouldn't come screaming looking for me, and nervously answered my phone when it rang 10 minutes early.


Despite the fact that I could barely hear them, I have to say the interview went pretty well. At least, I thought so at first. After the initial self congratulatory high, the self-doubt came crashing down on me, and I spent the whole dinner obsessively replaying the entire conversation to Prince Charming. He was clueless; as a salesman, he handles interviews completely differently, and doesn't understand the structure of the academic job search. He was quite frustrated that I didn't ask for details about every other person they were interviewing, to get a better sense of my competition; I explained that I would rather spend the time selling myself. It's like the negative ad campaign; does it really reflect well on you when you win by dissing on your competitors? He still doesn't get it.


Anyway, now that I've gotten some more info about the position I am actually more interested in it then ever; so I hope I get called in. I am already sweating the potential teaching seminar… assuming they have one. And regretting giving away my last Xanax. How many times can you call your PCP and say "I'm anxious about an upcoming flight, can you get me something for that" before they get suspicious?