Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Years Resolution.

Yes, I am still here. It has been a crazy few weeks. I really enjoyed my break from teaching, the nice holiday we get at work, and the school vacation. Really, I did have fun being home with my girls for almost two solid weeks, what with the snow days and vacation days and all.

Pre-break I thought, "Ahh, I'll have so much free time. I'll go to the gym regularly. I'll do laundry more often. My house will be clean, my family well fed, it will be domestic bliss."

Yeah, right.

Now the new semester has started. Yippee. Actually my class schedule is a little better this term- it gives me more time in lab. This is a good thing because my one single new years resolution is to get the hell out of my post doc and into a new job.

So I began by updating my cv- making it prettier; and also writing a resume. Resumes suck, by the way. A cv is so easy to write; writing a description of your research is easy; and really all you have to do is list all your publications and then you are done. But a resume is much more devious and complex. The first week back at work I actually sent out that resume for an administrative position, which I really didn't think I was qualified for (um, business experience: none), and I wasn't sure I wanted (stress! Suits!) but I figured I'd never get hired if I didn't try. OK, so I tried and I still didn't get hired... but I will eventually, right?

This week I sent out an application for a faculty position at a smaller school- with primary teaching responsibilities. Yeah, I'd have very little time, space, or money for research... but the position is the sort of job I used to imagine I'd have before I knew better, and if it was just a little bit closer then the one hour commute to my house I'd be very very excited about it. Still, one hour isn't impossible, so we shall see...

Ultimately, I need to get out of my post doc. I am so done. Unfortunately, my research isn't. My papers aren't. So I still drag my feet in every day. I'm giving myself a deadline of June. Next school year, if I'm not hired full time, I'll work as an adjunct wherever I can part time and... go to the gym. Do laundry. Feed my family. Enjoy domestic bliss.

Hmm, where have I heard that before?

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